Resistor Color Code Mutual Converter.
And also you can find out if they're available.

Convert the Resistance to Color Code.

Tap the keypad, and it shows you the color code.
A design like a calculator.

And vice versa.

If you swipe left, you can convert the color code to the resistance value.
It's as easy as the opposite.

Find your right resistor.

"Iroyomi" tells you if each resistance value you tap conforms to the EIA STANDARD or not.
If it does not, the app can suggest the nearest resistor within tolerance value.

Check if they're available at your usual shops.

And more. It is not always true that all the resistors which conform to the standard are available in the market.
On "Iroyomi," you can search the web to check whether they're actually sold at the electronics parts stores.

Any questions?

Look at "How to Use and FAQ" page.